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Montessori Interactive Learning Environment in Buford, GA


Experienced Montessori Pre-School in Buford, GA

About the Greater Atlanta Montessori School, "A Complete Montessori Learning Environment":

Montessori Certified Teachers in Buford, GA
Hannah Gentry, Director and Founder of GAMS - Click the image to learn more about her.
  • GAMS is a Montessori pre-school in Buford, GA, we believe that children learn best in a well-organized, beautiful and unthreatening environment.

  • We believe that the child needs the freedom to experiment, to choose and to satisfy his or her own curiosity within the structure and security of a supervised home.

  • We use only the highest quality Nienhuis Montessori teaching materials. The Montessori materials are scientifically and artistically designed in a way to enable the child learn from mistakes and successes by themselves.

  • We teach with adherence to the principles of Dr. Montessori. Teaching through Montessori developed tasks enables the child, after gaining success, to feel confident and motivated to continue learning throughout his or her life. Contact us today for more information!

Mission and Vision of the Greater Atlanta Montessori School (GAMS):

The GAMS Mission is to provide for and to satisfy the developmental and educational needs of the child. This includes:

Montessori Pre-School in Buford, GA
A student immersed in a mathematics exercise. Montessori education consists of Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Exercises, the Language Area, the Math Area, and the Cultural Area. Click the image to learn more.
  • Helping the child reach maximum potential by giving him or her the opportunity to exercise their natural curiosity and to explore the learning environment.
  • Teaching the child to respect and to work harmoniously with others.
  • Helping the child acquire the joy of learning through Montessori materials designed scientifically and beautifully by Dr. Montessori.
  • Allowing the child the freedom to choose his or her own work and space.
  • Helping the child learn to be both independent and to pursue excellence in all areas.
  • Leading the child to the point where he or she will feel peace and confidence in himself or herself.
  • Always keeping in mind that Montessori early childhood education is the foundation for life Montessori education is learning for life.


The Greater Atlanta Montessori School (GAMS):

  • Our school has Montessori certified teachers w/ at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Our director, Ms. Hannah gentry, is an AMI certified teacher, with over 15-years of teaching experience.  She also is very involved with the students here.
  • We also have a very low teacher-to-student ratio.  Two-to-three teachers rotate and work with children throughout the day.
  • We provide a safe, clean environment for your child(ren).
  • Our school has never had any accidents
  • We are conveniently located in Duluth, GA
  • We pride ourselves in using “top quality” Montessori certified Nienhuis materials, developed by Dr. Montessori.
  • Year-round Montessori school, so there is no interruption in learning!
  • Each student participates in individualized lessons within a multi-aged group setting.
  • We encourage the “joy of learning”, so your child will learn to embrace that ideology
  • We also assist with potty training.
  • Parents of new enrollees are qualified to apply for our “apogee school choice scholarship”, which is not based on income.  Therefore, anyone is eligible.  Visit our website or learn more during your scheduled tour.
  • You can enroll your child at any time, but the earlier start for your child, the better the results.



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