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Montessori Teaching in Buford, GA

The Differences Between Montessori and Non-Montessori Education

Choose the Greater Atlanta Montessori School for experienced Montessori teaching in Buford, GA The differences between Montessori and Non-Montessori Teaching methods are vast and those differences can have a profound effect upon how the child learns, develops and succeeds in future academic achievement. Contact us today for more information!



Child centered Teacher centered
All children can learn Children's differences are labeled; some can learn, others cannot
Implicit trust and respect for every child No implicit trust and respect for every child
Children can learn through their own discovery and experience Teacher is transmitter of knowledge
Multi-age grouping Homogenous grouping
Children are directed Individually Children are taught in a group
Children learn at own pace Some are held back, some are pushed, others dropped
Children correct themselves Answers are provided by the teacher
Children work independently Children are dependent on the teacher
Self-directed. Children make their own choices Teacher directed. Very little choice
Subjects are interconnected Subjects are compartmentalized
No time restriction Time periods allotted
Non-competitive Competitive
Self motivation Rewards and punishments
Self evaluation Tests to evaluate

Source:  AMI -- Association Montessori Internationale.



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